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I had two encounters on the same stretch of road on two different days, this road is about 25 miles sw of fort worth texas. there is a straightaway with a slight downgrade that is a few miles long good viewing distance to watch for hwy patrol and no cross roads so relatively safe...

First was a jaguar, not sure what year or model had a v12 emblem on the back and a guy driving who looked to be in his 50s, I was passing at about 80 minding my own business when he jumped on it... I down shifted and had about 4 or 5 car lengths when we hit 140mph and I backed out of it. We just waved at one another and he turned off... Second was against a Bullitt edition stang same situation same road...same result but I backed out at 130, i was actually suprised that the stang did as well as it did, of course I had 4 people in the car and luggage in the trunk which probably had a lot to do with it... also the kid in the mustang wouldn't come up next to me he just kept slowing down, guess he thought he would beat me...

My gto only has 3000 miles on it so I suspect that it will loosen up a bit as it gets more miles...

Without starting another corvette vs gto thread I nailed it against a c5 and it walked me after we hit 100...I sold a 98 vette when I bought the gto and I have no doubt that the gto is faster than my 98 but it was an a4 with the 2.73 rear end and bone stock...The vette that walked me wasn't stock I could tell from my vantage point behind it that it had after market exhaust and maybe more by the result... :D

Boy this car is fun to drive...
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