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I’ve been lurking about reading the board for the past couple of months and gotta tell you… you guys are alright! I’m a performance car lover but have to admit to also being an almost new vett owner. My Victory Red C6 coupe is on order and should arrive very soon. Anyway this isn’t the vett forum but about another great car. I guess the reason I have so much affection for GTO’s is that a 66 goat was my “FIRST” real performance car. You name it and I did it in and to that car……. I’m happy so many of you are enjoying the new breed of GOATS! I think the new GTO’s are very cool and offer a lot of bang for the buck! I was pleased to see them revived even though Pontiac only markets them now. Probably for the best all things considered. Anyway I plan to make this forum a regular stop to see what’s new and shaken in the GOAT world…….
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