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Thanks to everyone but making it pretty doesn't make it run good like the saying a pretty face don't mean you know crap...idk maybe I screwed that up, but I do appreciate all the help from the Pontiac family here for helping me make it run good too since I'm not that good at it. Whenever I have a question it's answered right away and hopefully my experience and advice may have helped someone but always double check my advice with an expert so you don't burn your car to the ground 馃槈 Speaking of that I got my fans rewired the right way thanks to the help from the Pontiac family here 馃憤
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I got a used automobile for our second wedding anniversary in 2021, but it is now unsuitable for extended trips, such as to my employment on the central coast. That is why I want to buy a new automobile, and I have a budget of $25,000. Please suggest the best option for me.
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