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Hello. I'm new to this, so I hope it gets to the right people. I just bought this white '65 convertible and want to know if anybody recognizes it and maybe some history. It came out of Denver, CO area. Went to Barrett-Jackson across the block in '04 or '05. All of the emblems are annodized in gold (have the plating receipt). It was originally a LeMans. It was light blue. The tiger interior is really 'period' unique. It has a tilt column, AM-FM radio, power antenna, trunk light, and it was originally a 6 cylinder car. It now has a '73 (or so) 455 in it with 3 deuces and a 4 speed tranny with console. I do have the 'protecta-plate' but it is all rusty. I could probably figure out the original owner. The 5 gold rims are professionally done in gold. All emblems are in gold. And the interior looks really different.
I don't think this is anyway original, but does anybody recognize this car?
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