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First time posting on the forum here.. but I've been reading for well over a year! Bought my '04 goat just over a year ago and recently bought some 10,000k HID's; but they burnt up some of the plastic on the inside of the cap!

I can't for the life of me figure out what the piece of plastic that holds the low beam headlamp in place is called.. the small, thin black piece with three screws that you insert the bulb into and then twist to lock the bulb in place.

Could someone help me out here? Not too sure if I'm actually going to need to buy an entire new headlight assembly for such a miniscule piece. I'd really like to just replace the plastic piece.

I've tried making 4 different DIY pieces to fix the issue and they've all melted almost instantly; forcing me to buy a new bulb. If I didn't work for an auto supply retailer this little menacing piece would have already become a pretty expensive issue..

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