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Hello GTO Forum!

Newbie to the Pontiac community - but not cars in general. Would consider myself moderately experienced when it comes to Air-cooled cars (60's-90's Porsche and VW) and a lover of all makes and models. Have owned and passed on everything from step-sides to modern BMW's, love em' all.

Unfortunately, a friend recently contracted COVID and passed away, and I now find myself as the steward of his 1970 GTO. Hoping to learn more about this car and what I should do (sell, restore, etc) - this is my first stop.

I'll be posting some generalities in hopes of learning more about these great machines, but for now, a friendly 'hello' from San Diego!


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Welcome! Sorry to hear about your friend
Losing to covid, keep the pics coming,
the car he had will keep going!馃榾

Thanks Jetzster - Hoping I can figure out more about the car and engine, as I'm a novice to this area. Being new, I've posted a topic in the 'Data Plate' section of the site - to wrap my head around the car.

If I can't rebuild or restore it, I'm guessing that forums like these are a way to make sure it lives on!






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Jim Bachman
Thanks OMT...I do not remember his name. I know he had two GTO's under covers in the driveway and inside the garage (I think). Had several engines on racks and heaps of parts. I took my 66 over there after someone referred me to him at the Carlsbad Cars and Coffee. The younger guy at CCC had a black judge and was like, "you need to meet this guy"

He offered to do work on my GOAt at a good rate and said he more did it for fun.
My GTO unfortunately has been stored for 19 years and not well-taken care of. I am interested in getting her solid running again and eventually seeing about doing some bodywork.
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