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Alot of you probably know me from the other GTO boards but I figured I'd say hi here also :) My name is Tom and I'm the owner of TBYRNE Motorsports (we will be a site sponsor :) ). One of this year's projects is a yellow 2004 GTO. This car is receiving many upgrades that include -

Intercooled STS turbo
42# injectors
Kenny Brown Boost-a-pump
Custom programming

SLP 1.85 rockers with springs, titanium retainers and keepers
SLP ported throttlebody
Meziere electric water pump
SLP underdrive pulley
The SPEC Stage 3 clutch and steel flywheel

BMR strut tower brace
BMR skid plate
BMR subframe connectors
BMR driveshaft loop
SLP swaybar
SLP swaybar bushings
SLP swaybar endlink bushings
SLP roll control

Autometer gauges
AP dual console mounted gauge pod

2005 GTO hood

Chrome 19" Beyern wheels wrapped with 245/35/19 Nitto NT555 tires.

HID lighting for the low beams and driving lights

13" Baer GT+ brakes with red calipers for the front and rear. I was going to go with 14s but didn't want them to be to big for racing wheels/tires.

Here are a few of the current pics -

The car hood should be painted and on the car but the end of next week. It will then be time to crank the boost up and do some dyno testing. I'm aiming for 500+ at the rear wheels.

ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)
E-MAIL - [email protected]


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:seeya: Tom

I've already met you on the corvetteforum & have seen your threads over on the newage forum as well.

I sent you an email a few days back trying to work a deal on the SLP Loudmouth exhaust & a Preaditor Chip. I haven't heard back from you though?

Should I send the email again?

Thanks and welcome to the GTOforum.

Last :seeya:

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I just finished reading up on the STS remote mount turbo kits, so I already know the answer to my previous question. I've gotta say, after working on turbo imports for a few years that seeing a turbo under the trunk was a first for me. It makes great sense as far as cooling and heat issues, but I've gotta wonder how much harder that turbo is working to push the air that far as compared to a conventional under-the-hood turbo system. What are your guys thoughts as far as comparing the two different setups?

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Last: Can you resend that if you haven't received a reply yet? We're closed on the weekend so e-mail sent after we close on Friday is answered Monday (all 300+ of them :) ).

its_hey_ma: There are some more pics posted in the Project GTO section of our website (linked off the opening page).

BigJim: Stock height but those wheels/tires make it look lowered. This is the first turbo vehicle that I've play with (well, this and my Duramax Sierra). Alot of people thought here would be alot of turbo lag when STS first came out with their systems but nobody has seen that. The location also hasn't been an issue with water. There is a sock that goes over the filter to protect it.

05GTO: Thanks :)

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Just finished a few of the small mods and will be taking care of the tuning soon. Then it will be time to head to the track. I expect the car to be somewhere in the 11s (maybe mid 11s with good traction).

The car will probably need some more BMR upgrades :)

Your very welcome Andrew :)

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Whiteshadow said:
Bringing this post up from the dead it seems...

When will you have pricing info on the HAL shocks?

Also, can you give me a little more information on the shocks? Single adjustable? double adjustable? remote reservoirs?
They are double adjustable shocks. There is a knob for rebound and compression. They are in production now. We do not have definite pricing but it looks like it will be somewhere around the $300.00 per shock mark. Sorry I don't have more information at this time.

Thank you,
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