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Hi All

I'm new and recently posted in the new members section. I'm enjoying going through the forum and I'm amazed at the talent here and what many of you have been able to accomplish with your cars. Great stuff.

Few questions and I can move a few into independent posts in the technical section if that's appropriate.

I've looked over forum posts for uploading photos. Can you post links to any online photo sharing site or is it restricted to photobucket? I'm trying to use Flicker but it doesn't seem to be working.

The car came optioned with a speed minder which no longer works. Does anyone have a photo of the relay location on a 1967? I'm not sure if it's a bad wire or non-working relay but I thought I'd try trouble shooting it.

I have a replacement quadrajet on it now because the original was stripped at the fuel line during refurb. I have the original and would like to use it. Do any of the vendors sell a good retap kit?

I'll have some more questions as I'm going through the car but figured I'd start with these. If they've been asked before and you can point me in the right direction that'd be great.

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