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I am about to purchase a new car. I am between a few right now.

A new Pontiac GTO Vs a New Subaru WRX

I know both are totally different cars.

I love everything about the GTO, the WRX is all wheel drive which could be the deciding factor. If its raining or snow on the ground i will be driving. I go to school in Teaneck NJ where i live about 5 minutes away in Bergenfield. I go home on weekends to Queens NY. I work on weekends in Long Island New Hyde park.

I am wondering how bad is the GTO in the snow and rain. I would get snow tires without a doubt if i get the GTO.

What does everyone think? Help me pick

Also a little background info. My only other car has been an Subaru Outback. I will also be learning to drive a manual on this car so... I have driving them before so i have basic knowledge. However i will still stall.

Anything else anyone thinks is important please let me know

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