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I have a question for you about the Pro Charger. I had ordered a Magnacharger for my 05 a few weeks back and after not getting it in all this time, I called today to see what is up- apparently there is a recall going on or some crap like that and it will be a few more weeks until it is situated.

Now, I know the procharger has the potential to make more power than the magnacharger by far, but I was worried about the lag people complain so much about. Is it really that bad? I don't mind sacrificing some bottom end power and wheel spin for an overall faster car. Also, coming from built turbo 4's- lag has never bothered me, but I just hear so many people whining about how long it takes to build boost and such. I figure that my typical driving style will almost always have me in the power band for the ATI, but wanted to hear from you how it was to drive. Does it start soft and then hit hard like a turbo, or is it just a gradual increase in power? What et/mph did you run with just the blower? My gut was saying all along to go ATI anyway for it's potential, but I was intrigued by the claims of instant power from the Maggie. Also, lastly- did you have the P1 or the D1? Thanks in advance!!!
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