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Okay, I was doing some looking at the Holden website (where are GTO's are made), and found something interesting. Some of the options offerred in AU are better than we get. Take a look at a sample car build

Your Monaro CV8

Monaro CV8 5.7L/6-Speed Manual $60,490.00 RRP*

Key Standard Features 260kW, 5.7 litre high output Gen III 'LS1 Plus' V8 engine
High performance split dual exhaust
18" alloy wheels (4)
Performance brakes
Leather interior

Colour Phantom Mica No additional cost

Trim Redhot leather seat trim
Black Anthracite leather/Redhot stitching on steering wheel, handbrake handle and gear selector No additional cost

Cluster Redhot No additional cost

Holden By Design rear wing spoiler $750.00 RRP*
Satellite navigation $3,800.00 RRP*
Electric sunroof $2,600.00 RRP*
Sports profile leather-wrap steering wheel $410.00 RRP*
Leather-wrap gear knob and handbrake handle $360.00 RRP*
Bluetooth mobile phone kit $495.00 RRP*

Total price: $68,905.00 RRP*

Granted $51,000 US dollars is a lot to ask, but when do we get these cool accessories for our $30K + cars?
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