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My girlfriend told me that my GOAT was going through menopause just like she was.....gets hot flashes and nothing happens then. She really said that, she's got a great sense of humor....she's also 53. Got this '67 last summer and the original starter was not quite turning over quickly for my liking and would just click sometimes.

Got a new IMI Hi-Torque starter from AMES, worked better for a while but then, would have the same issues, just wouldn't crank sometimes. I resorted to carrying a 15/16" socket wrench to turn the crankshaft a bit and that usually worked. Thought maybe the shims weren't the right spacing or the starter was getting hung up on flexplate. Replaced the battery, battery cables, battery to start cable, flexplate (replaced engine brackets while at it)....ordered a new Hi-Torque starter.....still the same issue. Been truly frustrated with this....so I finally looked on this forum and low and behold, old Pontiacs have hot start issues - should have look here first! The dreaded purple / solenoid wire issue from the ignition switch, could have been other issues as well, was definitely frayed and POs had tapped into it a few places.
Here is what I came up with - I ran a new 14ga "S wire/trigger wire" wire from the ignition switch to a 5pin relay with a direct 12V 10 gauge wire to battery and one to the solenoid. Also, positioned the relay in a spot where I can easily connect a remote starter button if needed. So far works great! Ordered a heatshield blanket from AMES just in case!

Thanks to all the folks on the 3 or 4 Hot start issue threads who pointed out this problem!
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