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well. .....
from doing a few ,,,, I would go kinda like this....
tools ,,,,,
blanket or towel to cover bumper

1/2 " 6 point socket on 3/8 drive ratchet .... 3" extension will help and a 3/8 socket

so .... remove top 2 bolts/screws to the shroud
remove all the finger gaurd/or/top plate 1/2" bolts
lift it off
reach down or go under for the 2 lower 1/2" bolts holding the bottom to the radiator support
slide the shroud back over the fan and let it hang ,,,,,cover face of the radiator towards the fan

pull the 4 bolts off the fan if its a 4 blade ... 4 nuts with open end if its a clutch fan

with the fan off the shroud will come out


if your car deserves an original shroud I should have a sweet spare one still
1 - 2 of 2 Posts