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dern tootin!

gtojojo said:
440 rwhp isn't too bad (altho you'd expect it since the engine's got power).

i don't think a 10 or even 12 bolt stock live axle would fair better.
the gto drifter millen drives still has stock rear end and he has mucho hp!!
my 70 gto 12 bolt had slightly bent splines, i just switched sides and straightened them out! ps i work at a gm dealer and cannot believe someone would not warranty the twisted splines!!!! there must be more to that story!
dont call the service writer or service manager bad names that may help!
hell i put a 700r4 behind a 500 hp old 455 with a new imput drum in the trans
the imput drum broke and they parts warranteed the trans rebuild on a 70 gto
drag car!!!! :cool vroom!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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