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Well, I've shared my mods with everyone. I've even shared my dyno results(365 rwhp/363 rwtq). I guess the next thing on the list to share are time slips. So on November 12th, when I return from California Dragway, I'll post them for y'all. Hopefully my little bro will show up with his '98 6M C5. He has a K&N intake and B&B catback system. I have a brand new set of Mickey Thompson ET Streets but they're mounted on '93, 56mm offset, 17 x 9.5" Vette wheels. I bought them for my Vette but I sold the car before I got a chance to use them. If he want to used them he can. I still think it's gonna be a good race. Well that's if I minimize wheel hop. I'm gonna run on my original tires lowered to 24-26 psi. Win or lose, I know that the Vette boys will have something to say. But it's all good. I figure if I did 13.297 @ 106.69 in my stock auto '98, he should be able to pull a similar number if not better. I guess we'll see.

If you live in So. Cali, let's have a nice goat gathering and have some fun :party: .

Here are the track times;
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