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I am looking to buy a new car to drive to work. I need to get there in a hurry. Can any of you guys who been to the track tell me what you GTO runs in the 1/4, and if it is an auto or M6. My current turbo T buick runs 11.4 1/4's but that is with way more mods then I care to do to a new car. I would like to be able to turn 12.9 at minimum mid 12's would make me happier, if you have got there, what mods have you done?

Need to go fast as I just couldn't stand at looking at the back end of a rice burner, and I think mid 12's will make me pretty safe.

Oh yeah and by the way I will probably do a donut or two for the anti donut guy!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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