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Nice Fireworks, Troy!

Top left corner, folks. Thanks, Troy!

BTW, Stu Hayner came in a strong 4th at the Speed Challenge GT race at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut yesterday. Qualified 5th, was high as a strong 3rd, but it looks like his brakes got a little soft in the last 10 minutes of the timed event. Not bad at all -- for a car without factory support.

According to the press coverage, Stu competes without ABS and traction control -- one a handful to do so -- and definitely the best performer of the bunch. Finished behind the heavily backed Cadillac CTS-Vs and a Porsche. Plenty of Vipers, etc. behind him. Had to laugh. The only Mustang was an older Cobra -- which finished something like second to last after clobbering a Porsche.

BTW, these guys will be at Sears Point in Northern California on the 17th.

Have a great 4th everybody. Don't drink and drive -- because you might spill something on your nice GTO interior.
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