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If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared on NBC dateline.....To catch a Predator

<Military Decoy> Hi, there, did you find the place ok?

<Mahmoud> Yes the coordinates were right on.

<MD> Cool beans, why don't you pour yourself some tonic while I slip in to non military duds.

<Mahmoud> Ok but hurry up I have many important appointments to attend to. There is enemy warship close to our border.

<MD> OK, I'll be right out....

<Chris Hansen> Hello there Mahmoud why don't you have a seat..

<Mahmoud> What is this? Who are you?

<C.H.> Not so fast Mr. President, Care to tell me why you are here?

<Mahmoud> I am here because I was invited.

<C.H.> Care to tell me what you thought was going to happen?

<Mahmoud> I was going to have a nice meeting, develop a friendship and let the night dictate itself.

<C.H.> Well Mahmoud I have a transcript of a conversation you had with our decoy and in it you detail what your intentions were and pictures of your "war chest."

<Mahmoud> Who are you, and what is the meaning of this?

<C.H.> Well, sir, I am Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC and we are doing a documentary on how Mad men like you lie, distort truth, and are intent on creating havoc in the world through intimidation and mayhem.

<Mahmoud> This is Lie WE are peaceful...... it is America, and England who are evil and are forcing themselves on people like us.

<C.H.> Well Mahmoud Care to explain in this instant message where you say...."Please trust me, after we capture foreigners and threaten them with execution and watch them bow at the foot of Mohammad we will extort money and power from our enemy in the West and to that I will share my country's vast wealth with power with you as we travel toward martyrdom."

<Mahmoud> This is lie, you make this up to discredit me and make me and my country look foolish.

<C.H.> On the contrary Mahmoud Our I.T. department was able to obtain your computer where the I.P address confirms this Instant message came from you.

<Mahmoud> You lie, Bush did this. He setting me up. I am innocent, I am loved and revered by millions.

<C.H.> Mahmoud, we have page after page after page of Instant messages where you boast about setting leaders, and countries up and where the Brits were 1.7 nautical miles in Iraqi waters but you wanted to discredit the Brits and the West as liars, and war mongers, and you where you were going to show the world you are the only one that is right. Isn't it true Sir, you think It's the rest of the world that is screwed up, Not Iran? I mean, come on.....What were you thinking?

<Mahmoud> Am I free to go now?

<C.H.> Sure, I cannot stop you, in fact I don't think anyone can stop you....

<Mahmoud> Imperialistic Dog... I go now.

As Mahmoud exits the building........


<Mahmoud> I am Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran... If you DO NOT let me go, I will raise the price of oil so high Mohammad cannot afford it and I will declare a jihad on you and your families and I will authorize the Islamic Radicals to begin uprising in your countries and kill all of you while my people send nuclear missiles to your front door..

<U.N. Peace Keepers> LET HIM UP. UNHAND HIM.... LET HIM GO..... Sorry Mr. President, We have made an awful mistake... Please forgive us.... We are at your mercy sir. May we provide you safe passage to Iran?

<Mahmoud> But of Course... (and under is breath..... "It's good to be da King.")

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:rofl: :willy: That was a good one.
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