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I bought a set of sunvisors on Ebay for $25 with the Homelink option. After taking apart the sunvisor, I installed the Homelink unit in the headliner between the sunvisors. I tapped into the constant 12V used for the lights on the sunvisors. I had to take down both sunvisors, loosen up the trim on each side of the windshield and then pull down the headliner. Once I had cut out the hole to mount the control, I taped the Homelink unit to the backside of the headliner and then used double sided tape to mount a cushioned spacer between the Homelink unit and the roof of the car so it could not be pushed up when pressing on the buttons to activate the garage opener. It works great.

Picture at: http://www.tanglewoodbrushstrokes.com/5-30-05%20homelink.jpg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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