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I just bought a 1970 GTO 400 RAIII with 400 trans. The interior is fully loaded with PS,PB,A/C, PW, PL, Disc brakes on front and tach on hood. The car is completely original (no rust) with a few mods done: (Disc brakes on rear installed, TransAM posi rear gears installed, and a Judge spoiler on the rear.) The weard thing is: the auto shift on the column and a split bench seat.

I am interested in knowing if I should convert to buckets and counsole for better resale after restoration or leave original? I have the build order for the car and this is the way it was ordered.

Also, Will the mods depreciate the value if I keep them on the car?
(BTW: The car is completely tore down to the frame and ready to sandblast) I intend to restore completely.
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