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I just finished getting my car up and running with the Procharger on it. I am pretty impressed for only 6 psi! It isn't quite where I want to be yet, but it is vastly improved. Pulls pretty nicely up top :).

Overall, the kit wasn't too bad to install. My biggest bitch was the car had to be towed to a dealer to have the ECU immobilizer code reset after the Ed Wright tune that comes with it. Not a huge deal, I have a buddy at a Chevy dealership, so we trailered it there and he took care of it for me. His supervisor was anxious to actually do it because it is a new procedure for GM vehicles and I guess only a few cars require this after an ECU swap/reflash- so it was something new for him. Plus, he wanted to see how the car ran with the blower :).

I am still unsure if a $5000 blower was my best bet when I could get the same gains out of a $600 nitrous kit, but I like the "there all the time" of the blower. Next thing to be done is my clutch- only 4300 miles on it and it isn't happy with the blower on it- I can dump it and spin the tires, or jump on it and powershift ok, but if I even try a quick slip to get the car to hook, it is over with lol.

If I can figure out how to get pics posted, I'll put some up.
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