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I changed the rear brakes on the Camaro a couple weekends back. I hate the set-up for the E-Brake and always have issues with them on F-Bodies.

I had some noise so I backed the E-Brake off and still had the noise.

So now I adjusted it to where it should be and started trying to find my noise.

Ended up at a friends shop. For everyone in this area, Larry at All-Tune and Lube in Eustis, across from Denny's and beside the Motorcycle school is an excellent guy when you need work. He does the things he's good at, motor exhaust and suspension and he knows everyone that does transmissions and diffs and electronics so he hooks you up with someone that does good work on that stuff.

We lifted the car and started spinning the wheels and listening for sound.

We felt a slight vibration in the wheel and heard a bearing noise from the right side. Par for the course on a car that sat a good bit before I bought it. Low mile cars always go through bearings and seals. We narrowed it down to the right side axle bearing and a best guess is it's just starting to go.

The pinion seal and the diff cover both leak a little bit, again from the car being a low mileage garage queen.

Then we heard what sounded like a BB in the pumpkin. Can't describe it any other way. Just a small piece of something loose in the rear end.

Best guess is the ring is missing a piece of a tooth.

I talked to Advance Drivelines today and need to give him the exacts on it, but I'm doing a new rear. Can't decide, 3.73's or 3.42's. I like to take highway trips and the 3.73's would have me at 2800 at 80 mph. The 3.42's will be at 2400 at 80 mph and that seems more reasonable for an extended time. The car currently has 2.73's so either gear will make a huge difference.

The only thing stopping me from adding more power to the car was the fear of breaking the rear end. With the set-up I'm going with the 10 bolt will be able to handle 500 rwhp. The tranny is the next weak link but it should handle 375-400 rwhp.

The mod bug is already biting and it's been waiting so it has some catchup to do.

I can see headers, heads and cam and a good throttle body in my near future. 80 more hp with better gears and 11's should be very do able.
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