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OH MY GOD DUDE! I just put mine on, and let me tell you, SICK! I was like holy sh*t when my buddy rev'd it up and did a drive by. I'm asian and my eyes were like this...:eek: No drone, Magnaflow:( Corsa:( Borla:( SLP:( Spintech:( Aeroturbine:( Flowmaster:( I've either had these(4) or heard them(3) and I'll tell you, I was going to go with the Corsa, glad I didn't. Saved myself at least 450 bucks. Trust me, get the JBA, and you'll fall in love. I know a guy in Cali who will sell you a Volant and JBA catback for 845 shipped. Just let me know. Slap on the JBA's light em up and you're eyes will go like this :eek: Oh, and by the way, my goat is bone stock except for the JBA's...I'll be putting on the Volant tomorrow.......:seeya:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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