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I can get all this for 1800 dollars

Max HP: This package is $1800 shipped to your door. This price is better than if you priced it out on our website. Approx 50HP.

JBA-0807 – In stock


SLP-30169 – 10 days (made to order)


SLP-31560 – In Stock


should I do it or spend extra and go with this package ??? Headers with O2 Fittings Only)
6702 1 3/4" x 3" Stainless Headers, 12" Extension Harness (1pc) & 18" Flat Extension Harness (1 pc) $849.99

2005-06 Connection Pipes
6702-CC 3" x 2 1/2" Metallic Catted Connection Pipes - Stainless (2005-06 GTO) $399.99
15892 2005-'06 GTO Magnaflow exhaust $769.99

Your total for the parts would be $2019.97. You would need to add $110.00 for freight on all those parts. The grand total would be $2129.97. We have the exhaust in stock and could ship immediately. The Kooks headers are in production at the manufacturer and should be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.

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my thoughts

Just my thoughts. I like the coated stainless headers best. They will look good for a long time. I do not have the SLP LM but I've heard many people say they were really loud and had a drone. The LM II is what I would like to be one of my next mods. (maybe some shorty headers because of warranty):D
Good luck with the mods.
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