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Well.....after going back and forth with the dealer,negotiating price,I finally picked her up last nite. Got them to knock off another $1000.00 :cool
Haven't had much of a chance to drive it around as it has been raining here for the last few days and is expected to end on Thursday. Will be installing the appearance pkg. tomorrow after work. Did some minor changes to the pkg. Painted the rocker meshing Red and the rear bumper cover mesh at tail pipe openings red also. Interior is Red leather so I thought some light hints of red on exterior would look good. Will be painting the front bumper extn Silver at the extreme bottom. Didnt like the Black. The appearance package Grilles I also painted Silver where they are recessed. Left the actual Grille Black. Had my pinstriper go over the "GTO" on the grille in red and he will be striping it this weekend. Plan to have him go over the 6.0 and Pontiac nameplates on deck lid also. Now who has some ideas for wheels?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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