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I know many have commented about it and I feel I should let all know.

Due to political reasons regarding business ethics in my dealership I have decided to step down from management at my shop. I contemplated leaving alltogether, but I felt I would betray my friends at the dealership and more importantly, my customers. I have over 1000 customers that come to this store because of me and it would not be fair to leave them.

So I have decided to go back to the sales floor and sell cars again. My focus is in the used arena(more money and less political BS). Also it will be a small dagger in the sales of our new department since I will be leaving.

Unfortunately me selling cars takes a tremendous amount of my time. I average 30 cars a month when selling. 30 cars equates to about 60 hour work weeks. That coupled with my family means I will have little time for the forums.


This does not mean I am done with this forum. On the contrary it means I will gladly work harder for you since selling you a car or making a friend will/can directly impact my paycheck. I will still do everything in my power to assist everyone on this forum.

I ask this for those with needs. Please call me in leue of sending me a PM. I can only realistically come on here in the late evenings when my family is asleep and I am not exhausted(which means once a week). I had 25 unread PM today and I felt very bad about the slow responses.

I love ya all and I am ALWAYS here to help. Just give me a ring and I will answer any question I can about any car. I will be on from time to time. But it will be much less frequency.

Office: 904-724-2310 ext 328
Cell: 904-626-0604
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