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Ut Oh,......

Now i do admit, i like having the indipendant rear, BUT it seems to be a huge limiting factor on power. Those pics show it to have CV's in the rear.

Not really sure how i feel about that yet

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Don't know if that's the real deal or not, but the fact the front facia is sporting two different looks on the right and left sides makes me think it's a legit styling exercise.

I have to say, I really like it. It invokes some of the Camaro's best design heritage (the roofline and overall proportions) without going whole-hog retro, as the Mustang did. Looking at those photos, it seems to me that's what the Camaro might've looked like had it evolved naturally from '67 on, without some of the crazy stylistic diversions it took along the way.

During its lamentable IROC era, the Camaro acquired an unfortunate reputation as the favored ride of gold-chain-clad poseurs--a rep it's still trying to shake. But the car didn't start out that way. It cut its teeth on the Trans Am circuit and was the race car of choice for people as laudable as Roger Penske. Think of it as a Young Elvis-versus-Old Elvis kind of thing: How might Mr. Presley have evolved as an artist had he stayed closer to the revolutionary kid who wandered into Sun Records in the '50s and set the music world on its ear?

This design appears to cut through years of wayward styling and engineering to tap into very the idea that inspired GM's pony cars in the first place. If Chevrolet made a car that looked and spec'd out like the car in these pictures, I'd get in line for one.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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