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After driving my GTO for a few months now, I keep noticing things that I like about the car - in addition to the many obvious things (like 400 HP). In no particular order:

- I can manually turn on the A/C part of defrost when I want/need it, instead of it automatically coming on.

- I've become addicted to the radio controls on the steering wheel.

- The trunk is big enough to carry what I need, but not so big that junk accumulates in it.

- No radio antenna sticking out to ruin the fine lines.

- My kids love the rear seats as much as I love the front seats.

- The horn button actually moves when I press it and isn't just buried under a squishy mass of vinyl.

- The CD player can select random tracks from random disks

- Speed dependent audio volume and wiper speed

- I actually like having the manual door locks (from the inside)

- It is just alot like my old GTO - but newer!

I suppose I could go on - but maybe someone else has some things they would like to add!

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Some of the stuff you've menitoned are on my list as well, but here are some that I love about my GTO that you did not mention:

-the sound of the exhaust and motor

-the comfort of the seats

-the driver information center (it tells me everything I need to know at the touch of a button!)

-the fact the faster I go, the faster the car wants to go!

I just love my GTO!:D

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The sublime design is a plus for me. I like flying in disquise. 90% of the folks out there think it's a Cavy. Some would say that sucks, but I disagree. When I pull the TA out, every eyeball within 2 miles are fixed on that car. Bright red and flashy. The extra attention can be a problem.....at times.


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When I first got my GTO I drove it down to a muffler shop to help a friend pick up his car...there was a vinylic, riced-out and fart-canned WRX sti on the lot (it belongs to a guy that works there) ...from that day on the guy does a riceboi flyby on a regular basis now. I like that. :D

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I've had my GTO, let me restate that, my wife and I have had the GTO for almost two weeks and what we like is:
Door lock and windows in the center.
Seats, especially the back seats. Once you're in the back seat everyone surprized on the comfort and room.
Little niche in back of console that I use to store my sunglasses.
Round/simple a/c controls.
Can convert speedo to kph and the needle adjusts. This can really give the passenger a good scare when you start to pass and they look over at your speed.
Matching color on the speedo to the paint.
Big thumb button on the auto shifter.
Gear selection shows on dash so you can keep eyes on what's going on outside the car instead of looking down at shift position.
Many more that I don't have time for right now.

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C5ORGTO said:
I love my exhaust. Even stock, I think it sounds great. Nothing like passing someone in second gear at full throttle.
I did that on a section of pavement that hadn't quite dried the other day. I gave my passenger quite a scare. I'm surprised I wasn't cleaning out the seat afterward.
To ME, sliding sideways beside a car as I pass is a hell of a lot of fun. To the driver of the car and/or my passengers, I guess it's not so much fun.
There's just so much stuff I really LOVE about my GTO that there's no way I could narrow it down to a little list. It's easier to say the things I DON'T like...
--Traction control ON by default (FIX THAT PLEASE GM!)
--Wheel hop (which is soon to be fixed by suspension upgrades).
--Heavyness of the car. Can't we get this sucker down to 3300 pounds gm/holden??? ;)
Other than that, I can't complain much. The car is a ton of fun to drive, even if I'm just going to town for some Pop Tarts. About 2 months after I bought it, my father, one brother and I took it for a 3077 mile cruise out to Vegas. All three of us fit in there comfortably and the ride wasn't harsh like your traditional muscle car (I don't even need to mention the great gas mileage compared to the original GTOs). We'd have spent our entire stash of poker money on gas if we'd taken my brother or my dad's truck. It was great to know exactly how many miles more I could go before I needed gasoline too. The DIC rules!!! Now...if it only had a HUD (heads up display)...
Anyway, long live the GTO! :cheers
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