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Hi all,

When I bought my 2004 Yellow Jacket M6 on Black Friday Nov. 2004, GM was running the Lock and Roll promotion. I bought just days before the $5000 rebate, but I got 2.6% financing for 60 months and with coupons and dealer discounts I paid only $26,000 plus TTL so I was happy.

My question is, did the Lock and Roll apply to 2004 cars? I thought it did, and the dealer said it did, but I never received anything from GMAC on it. I have been drooling on an '06 Brazen Orange M6, and while I know it is dumb to turn a car over so fast, I would be tempted if I can keep my low rate financing. If I loose the 2.9% I will stay with Ol Yellow and invest in Headers, cam and tune. I have done a web search and found pictures of the Lock and Roll posters and they seem to only mention purchasing 2005's.

Did anyone else purchase during the Lock and Roll, and does anyone know if it applied to those of us picking up the deals on 2004's last November?



2004 Yellow Jacket M6
Shift Light & HSV start up Cluster Programming, CS Intake Tube, Skip Shift, Accell AF, thats all for now.
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