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I have a chance to buy a great looking 65 GTO. The only problem is that the title reads Lemans instead of a GTO. I would assume that since it reads Lemans that the car is a clone. Is that correct?

Also, if this car is a clone how bad will it effect the value of the car?

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The vin # should start with 23727, 23737, 23767.

27 hardtop coupe, 37 hardtop, 67 convertible.

The lemans is less expensive. You can view several on ebay.

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In 1964 and 1965, the GTO was not a separate model - it was only an option on the LeMans. The VIN on a '65 will not tell you if it's a GTO or not - only if it's a Tempest or a LeMans. A GTO needs to have a LeMans VIN since the GTO option was not available on the Tempest. Your title is correct - a '65 GTO is a LeMans. If it said "Tempest" you should be worried.

But since the '64 and '65 GTO (as well as the '72 through '74) was not a stand-alone model with a unique VIN, you have to be careful when buying them - they're easy to forge. Make sure you check documentation carefully, and verify the configuration of the car. If it has a numbers-matching 389 in it, it's most likely a GTO (since the 389 was never installed in the LeMans without the GTO option).

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In addition, here are more codes for the 65;

35=Tempest Custom
37=Tempest Le Mans

Check the Accessories Code on the data plate, it should look something like this

ACC. X 2P 3K 4F 5N

5 groups make up the codes for example:
(1st Group) X = power windows, etc.
(2nd Group) P = radio (1964-1965), etc.
(3rd Group) K = dome reading lamps (1964-1965), etc.
(4th Group) F = remote mirror, etc.
(5th Group) N = GTO option (1964-1965 only).

Verify there is an "N" after the 5.

The 389 engine casting number for 65 and 66 is 9778789,

The 65 389 engine letter codes are;

Letter Code CID HP Trans
WS 389 360 Man
WT 389 335 Man
YR 389 360 Auto
YS 389 335 Auto

It is my understanding that in 65 the Lemans was a branch of the Tempest, however some say since the Lemans had a series number of 37 that it was not part of the Tempest line.

Hope this helps,
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