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Hi. New member here.

I'm wondering whether anyone has a stock shift lever for sale.

I own a one-man tool and die job shop, and have a small sideline business making custom stainless steel shift knobs, mainly for BMW's and MINI Coopers.
(If interested, see www.whalenshiftmachine.com)

I'd like to get my hands on a GTO shift lever, so I can determine how the stock knob attaches.

Most of my shift knobs use a "quick-disconnect" type of attaching mechanism, due to the design of the BMW and MINI shift levers.
But I can make just about anything, so I'm certain that I can come up with a slick attachment method for these cars.

So if anyone has upgraded to an aftermarket lever, and would like to sell their stock one, please let me know.


Doug Whalen
[email protected]
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