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I'm new to vintage GTOs, so please pardon me if it shows.

I recently purchased a 68 GTO 400 h/o with M21 4 speed. The car is in good shape, and has most of the original stuff, including the complete drivetrain. But there is an aftermarket tach stuffed into the right socket of the 3-hole cluster. I'd like to install a hood tach, and fill the hole in the dash with something else - maybe a clock. Problem is, I don't know what was originally there, or what might work well as a substitute, or where to find it.

I'd like to keep the close to original, if possible, but I'm not going to be a fanatic about it. After all, I'd like to add a hood tach, eventhough my car was not originally equipped with one.

So, I need to find a hood tach that is correct for the year 1968 (the car was built in the 5th week of December, 1967). And I need something for the right instrument socket. Anyone have advise?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
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