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Does anyone know where I can get the Code Interpreation for the LS2 Engine? I am asking becuase I took my car to the Delearship for it's second Oil change at 8,100 Miles and there was a check engine light on. The initial diagnosis/interpretation according to the service dept is that it may have to do with a misfire. I don't feel the misfire when I drive the car and since this service visit was on Saturday and they operate on skeleton crew on weekends, they have recommended that I leave the car till Monday when the full crew is in to take a look at it.

As a follow up I just wondered if there is information out there or anyone knows where I can get the Engine codes and their interpretation. For all I know, these codes may be in the LS2 shop manual. In which case it behooves me to order the manual.

If anyone has information or can steer me in the right direction, I will be grateful. Thanks.
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