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Magnacharger vs. Procharger vs. STS Turbo vs. SLP Parts

Im sure we've debated this before, I just wanted to bring it up again.

Ive been thinking about the Maggie(because supposedly it is very durable and dependable) but I would still be willing to hear about the procharger.

I saw a procharged 04 gto at the strip a while back and it flew!!!

STS Turbo looks hot from what Ive seen, but I'm a bit cocerned about a turbo and how reliable it would be for my 6L and drivetrain.

I threw in the SLP because I believe all of those parts would be covered under warranty, and I might be able to go "fast enough" with just those parts.

# 1 Im concerned with my goat, I dont want to destroy the engine, drivetrain, etc, Im hoping to drive this car for a 100k miles before I start replacing those pats

# 2 I have a Need for Speed = Faster is better!

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