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where to start well the first problem was the intercooler under the supercharger the welds broke loose "godda love the quality control " the motor had to be inspected because it got interlock because if dropped all that coolant into the motor whitch pontiac took care of "because magnuson sead it wasn't there responsebility pontiac nicefully enough did not charge me to check out the motor make sure it was not damaged then ls1source came got the car took it to there shop and pulled the supercharger whitch magnuson had paid for shipping to them and got a new supercharger to me next day but forgot the sensonrs that they told ls1source to leave on as well as leave on the gaskets they forgot those too so i went a week and a half without my new gto because they kept foregetting to send things they asked ls1saource to leave on they paid for 1 oil change whitch they sead i should have another done with in a week wouldn't pay for the second and they paid for plugs and wires whitch were fould out because of the supercharger failure now my gto runs lean they have come up with every excuse known to man on how its not there fault. they reprogramed the power programer told me they pay for shipping and wouldn't they also when they sent the power programer back sent this fuel rail braided line that went from the right fuel rail to the left fuel rail looks cool but i see no use for it they threw in my face that it was 150.00 $ upgrade that they sent to me for free

ya well i'm not inpressed with there service,quality control or there company fore that matter so there fore i PERSONALLY don't recomend them

take you'r chances hopefully you have better luick then i did

i was going to go with a procharger but fore now i'll stick to the basic ls1
:eek: :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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