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Yep, that's huge!

My brother caught a 42 pound yellow cat a few months ago in the Tennessee River just below Pickwick Dam.....using a rod and reel with 25 pound test line!

He had the drag on his reel set so the fish wouldn't break the line and just played the thing back and forth until he got tired. He only had an 18 inch dip net, so he managed to get the fish's head in it and then put a "bear hug" on the critter and pulled him into the boat. Grabbing a large catfish as he did is dangerous as their fins are very sharp and can produce nasty cuts which heal slowly.....so, he was lucky.

He said both he and the cat were worn out after it was over.

After he weighed it, he released it back into the river.

I plan to send him this video.

BTW, he was using chicken livers as bait.
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