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So as per usual I went to weekly Car meet. Started off good Lots of cars there and we were fortunate enough to have the Masda club come by which BTW was funny as hell they were srsly running 20 cars deep.

But before i get into details, i want to explain the lay out we all assemble in the strip mall parking lot of Buffalo wild wings, dunking donuts, and various other stores. There is enough room for about 300-350 cars(Jammed pack)
As with lunch room ethics, each make of cars usually sits in one row of parking, I.E. the Masda's take the back part, the Honda's on the west side of the lot, fords on the other gm there, then the wild card parking from sand dunes to motorcycles in the middle.

There was about 60-75 cars today at the meet today, everything was going great, talked to quite a few people saw a 13sec 2010 Masda hatch. Then about two hours in the racing starts. We (Not all of us) usually race down MLK, it's a pretty much goes through a commercial area speed signs are exactly 1/4 mile apart and there about four, this is where the primary dig races go. The best part about this spot is that there is a Lil pull off area thats Right before one of the speed signs that always equall to a great photo finish.

Ok, so lets hop back to the main road where we were before we turned left on to mlk, if you keep going straight done this road it opens up into a three lane road way, this is where most of the rolls go.

Now here's comes the good part, Today it was decide to run a three lane wide race, There was an Acura legend(Right), an RSX(Middle) and a SRT-4(left). So I'm about few hundred feet back, and then I do the horn count down, Then the RSX takes the jump, the legend is about a car behind, and then the SRT-4 spools up(he was about a half car behind all of them) and just ****ing obliterates there ass... By the time the SRT-4 gets about 2 cars ahead he ****ing passes a cop, The then turns on his lights, Now mind you this is a verified 10" sec car I'm 95% sure he got away but the other two cars both diped off on to the high on ramp the cop see's this and decided's to jump on with them, When I see this, I lucky was right at the road before the high way on ramp, I Then Get the street racing call on my scanner immediately turn around, And I proceeded to head back to the car meet to warn everyone.

Now unfortunately for me and a few others if you don't live with in a 10 mile radius there really on two ways out to get home of which they did setup checkpoints(Heard on the radio) on the way normally to my home. So i just spent the better part of an hour driving North so i can connect to the major high way to go almost all the way to Rockford(past my house) to come back west to come go to the storage place put my car up and drive my Little ion home.

This was Honestly are most epic night Either that cop was just there or we juts do damn hot that night....

What really sucks is that I'm pretty damn sure the cop saw me so I have to leave my goat alone for awhile.
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