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I did a couple things to the Camaro this weekend. I bypassed the coolant line on the throttle body. I descreened the mass airflow sensor. I also put the Diablosport Predator tune back in the car.

I played with the A/F mixture and the timing advance too. Ended up at 4% leaner than the standard Diablosport tune and 3% timing advance over the standard tune. I'm not getting any detonation so I'm feeling confident that it's ok.

On my way into work this morning I had a 2008 or 2009 white Mustang GT get behind me on an on ramp onto 441 from rt 19. I had a car ahead of me and this guy got right there on my butt.

As soon as we cleared the entrance ramp I got into it a bit and moved into the left of the 3 lanes opening the middle lane for him. He went there and went at it full tilt. I responded in kind and from 30-100 opened up about 7-8 car lengths on him.

I missed an opportunity to get a pole position with him at a light by not getting on the brakes real hard.

I caught the next light and he caught up to me as I was taking off. I stopped him from gaining on me when his front bumper was at the middle of my door at 50 mph and by 100 had 4 cars on him again.

He tried a couple more times with the same result.

We ended up getting onto the tollway together. I let him get beside me and I waved and gave him a thumbs up. He just ignored me. He definately had an exhaust of some sort on it.

Oh well I had fun even if he was too cool to aknowledge the Camaro that just beat him.

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I hate that. "Yeah I'm gonna beat you"

Then when they lose, they're all like "What..?"

I'm surprised he didn't give you the finger.
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