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I was talking to a small dealer while i was getting my 2002 Mustang GT horn to work.He was trying to sell my a brand new red 2005 mustang Gt auto,But told him in less then 3 months they will have the 2006s and i wanted a Black standed trans.I told him that in L.A. calif were asking $2000 over invoice,he told me that they are selling over invoice too.I told him with the prices that they are asking i can get a GTO for around the same price.And he smiled like he knew that the GTOs are not as hot i guess,Anyway I told him that they have 400hp not 300hp and i told him that Ford is rated at Junk bonds and i left to get my car.also said ford made too many mustang V6s and they did not make enough Gt so i am sure they will make many more the they will not get stuck with.I have the money and not going to run and Buy A mustang Gt if prices are still high in the fall,I am hoping that the GTOs will drop under $30,000 after Sept and then maybe i will get one.Jt
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