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Hi gang. Boy I sure miss comming here...:cheers
Just took the goat on a 30 mile drive and put in 8 gallons of 100LL at the city airport. (sips a BIG shot of Woodford Reserve) :rofl:
have 224 miles on it so far.
The water temp sits at 1/2 way, it's been a couple of months since I drove it and there is coolant right about where the passenger side head's rear freeze plug is :( (recon I'll have that done)
As readers may remember from this sordid saga (lol) I had to replace the front one on the same side..(sees Geeter, Uncle Eric, and Master Bear nodding their heads)
Some tranny fluid and a tad of ps fluid.....
As my mentors have told me....wouldn't be a Pontiac if it didnt leak...
Me thinks I better replace the pipe from the drivers side header to the muffler before I get a ticket for excess noise. (sip)
Hope all is well with everyone (and theirs) here.... (knocks back my shot).
Gotta go out and try to get the hood of wifeys jeep cherokee open before it rains......
Just aint fun working on cars because ya HAVE to...:D
Rock on and smooth motoring all!!!!

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Geeter the Cheater googles "Woodford Reserve" and chokes when he finds out that it's north of $35 for a measly 750ml jug.....He reaches for his trusty $16 1.75 of Evan Williams and pours a shot over some ice cubes. He hoists his glass to the Great Northwest, and takes a sip. Setting his glass down, he reaches into the back of the cabinet for the spendy jug of Booker's that he bought on a whim a year ago. He pours a small float of the 133 proof unfiltered bourbon on top of the Evan Williams, and sits back, thinking of the comrade with the torn up hands and the now-running GTO way up North. Now, everything is feeling A-OK.......
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