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seems the adhesive isnt doing its job, and the sill on the passenger side is coming up on the GTO.

But here is the good news, I dont give a sh!t, i don't care! if it falls off, so be it, i will toss it in the trunk. The car will probably go back in 2 1/2 years because I aint paying 18700 for it when it is three/four model years old.

The owner of the dealership (mack in hicksville ny) that sold me two oldsmobiles told me to take the GTO to the dealer i bought it from for service because he didnt want to deal with my cars issues. They dealer i bought the car from (arnold in babylon) has been great so far, but it will cost me three hours pay to take it there to have some thin two sided tape put in.

Leasing is great, :cool must be a factory defect, not my problem mr GM adjuster. :party:
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