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I visited the dealer today in Lucedale, Mississippi to give him a choice. He could either locate the '05 I ordered in early February and convince me that it is on the way, or I was going to find and buy a GTO somewhere else next week.

Instead of the usual "we don't know anything" BS I'd been getting over the phone for the last few months, I got a print-out showing me what had happened with my order. The key dates on this print-out were:
Preliminary Order Accepted, 2/5/05.
Accepted by GM, 2/7/05.
Accepted by Production Control, 2/8/05.
Import Vehicle Produced, 4/9/05.
Shipped from Port of Origin, 4/28/05.
Received at Port of Entry, 6/1/05.
Available to Ship, 6/2/05.
Rail Ramp Unload, 6/18/05.
Intermediate Delivery, 6/20/05.
Shipped, 6/21/05.

The salesman was uncomfortable dealing with me and brought in the sales manager to make the print-out. The manager told me the intermediate delivery point was Fairfax, Kansas. He phoned someone and discovered that in Fairfax my GTO was loaded onto another rail car going to Port Allen, Louisiana. It is now scheduled to arrive in Port Allen on Wednesday, 6/29/05. From there it will be loaded on a truck to go to the dealer in Lucedale, MS. Supposedly it will arrive at the dealership on Tuesday, 7/5/05.

They did not know for sure if the GM Employee Price Sales Program would be extended after 7/5/05. However, they did guarantee me that price for this car even if it is not delivered within this program term.

I don't know why I had to confront the dealer in person to get this information. The print-out data has obviously been available to the dealer for some time, but they never bothered to tell me exactly what was happening when I would phone and ask for my car's status.

Anyway, for what it's worth to any others with unfilled orders... this is what is happening with my order.
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