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I would have to say i have the best wife in the world, she suprised me with a 2005 cyclone grey metallic gto. The story goes I was trying to purchase the car about 2 weeks ago and i couldn't get the dealer to lower the payments, so I told him I'd think about it. So for the past week or so my wife said if the payments are low enough she didn't mind me getting the car. Well last tuesday my wife told my to drive my camaro because she needed to use the jetta, I was like ok, when i got home from work in the neighbors driveway is my "f*****" car :eek: I was like damnit I've been trying to get that car well anyway I go into the house to tell my wife to look out the window at the neighbors new car, and I said thats the same car I wanted, and she said thats a nice car and it looks fast. So I said lets go look at it, we got to the car and I noticed it was from the same dealer I was working on and I said did you buy this, with a straight face she said no. Well I'm stating to get real pissed so I said lets go. We got about halfway to our house and she says here sweetie and hands me the keys. and the rest is history :party:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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