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Where to start? How about some 1976 Pontiac Trans Am kills! :D

After buying the T/A this summer and finally getting insurance I drove it to town to show it off. I picked up a friend and proceeded to a friends house via the expressway (on which the speed limit is 45:confused). Crusing along at about 45-50 in the slow lane i notcie a 1980's era Honda Crapbox flying up and around me. I just let him go...until we caught up at a stop light. Oh hey look, an empty lane next to him! Of course we had to look at this car with its homemade spoiler and rust paint scheme. He looked at us of course and sneered! Well then we point and laugh :lol:. I watch the other stoplight to time my take off. Those Radials dug in and with barely a scratch take off to 90 and I back down laughin my ass off at the ridiculousness of it all. Well about 2 minutes later he comes "roaring" :rolleyes: by. I guess he won! :rofl:

The other day my dad was driving it after we hit a few golf balls and were headed home. I was behind him and watching a 1980's something that was shadowing him. Well they were lined up at a stoplight and talked for a minute waiting on the light. Guess what? He wanted to race. Of course my dad dosent want to disappoint the man so...anyway he won. Easily. The guy's car shot out black smoke when he punched it! :eek: I dont know what the car was, the guy said a 1986 model, it had either a 2000 or 3000 on the back.

For a closer race I was driving my mom's 2003 Suzuki Arieo SX. It's a go-kart. But fun none the less. A friend was with me one night and once again on the expressway (seeing the pattern?). I was sitting at the light when a Mazda 6 pulled up and looked at me. Then he kept inching forward at the light for about half a car length. I couldnt back down from that, so I was ready for the light and popped the clutch and took off. I pulled a half car on him, AND HE COULD NOT PASS! Why? I dont know. I'm guessing driver mod was the problem. And he turned off without looking at us at the next street.

Oh well, nothing great to share but a kill is a kill. :D Any of you guys got some funny or overwhelming kills?
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