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Hi everyone. The top of both door windows (67 2 door, hard top) are not making good contact with the run channel weatherstrip when the door is shut. I can actually see a gap vertically running to the top.
Can someone point out in the image which is the correct adjustment to make the windows tilt inward so they'll make good contact against the weatherstrip? I think I tried them all! The up and down is okay.

I don't know the problem but I can't find it in the manual.
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Thanks for the illustration. For '67, #2 & 7 will help make those adjustments. You want to make sure your door striker & hinges are adjusted properly first. If so and there is still a gap, adjust those two bolts so that they're farther out to push the bottoms in farther. This will cause the vent window and door glass to tilt in farther. Make small adjustments & be careful to not slam the door with window up until your confident. Ask me how I know.
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