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i am thinking of trying to get my car to reach 7,000 rpm shift point what do i have to do to get this type of performance. my (idea is to have a 400-500hp) daily driver to be able to hold that monsterous h.p. from 4500 till 6800 then shift with out killing my engine. i know this may be a task that is why i am starting to get all the parts that i need to accomplish this task.

Need Help

all intelligent input needed. i would like to keep somethings stock (block, pistons crank, ) but can this be done with cam, heads, intake manifold, injectors, computer tune . also i want to have 2007 vette gear ratio.

Can you imagine 7000rpm then shift on the highway :eek: i want to out run every thing in my realm but a gas station :cool
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