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Hi everybody....

I am a new member still trying to figure out this site. Honestly, it makes my hair hurt.

I am Marvin (yeah, I know, I know).
I am the very proud parent of my '67 hardtop that I purchased new in Aug. '67. The garage I have been wanting since age 12 is nearing completion, and I think it is time to park the old Goat indoors and hand feed her.

I have worked on cars all my life (as a hobby/part time job) but know nothing about body work. Unfortunately, I cannot afford turning the car over to a Pro. to restore it for me. I have 2 sons (12 and 15) who want the food, shelter, clothing, college thing. Where did I go wrong?

So please, a few questions.

1. What is PHS? I know what the other one is.
2. Are publications available showing body panel seems, etc. And where/how to take them apart and re-assemble?
3. Why do body skin dealers say that on the rear quarter of a '67 you have to use the original bottom piece? In central Jersey, that's the 1st. thing to go!

Had no idea a site like this existed. Ok, I had some vodka and tripped over it.

I would appreciate any education you can offer.


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I think you're going to find more help on the original Goats on another forum, even the Chevelle Tech forum (same body & chassis) may be a help.

There's a classic section on this forum that may have some information, but my gut feel is 99% of the members here, own the new Goat.

My 2 cents; good luck with your restoration; I've got a '68 Chevelle.
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