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So, my friends are now thoroughly jealous of my goat :D and one of them is now looking into getting one himself (I always thought of him as the smartest of the group other than me :cool ).

Anyway, he wasn't very keen on the price of them currently even with the whole employee discount going. So I knew that I had read a long while ago about some of the great deals you guys were getting with the 04 goat around December last year when the dealerships needed to sell their current stock to make room for the 05's. I'm just wondering what you guys think will be some deals and prices that may be available at the end of this years run on the cars. We do live in a heavily populated area where I think the dealers may be a little more motivated to give deals because they feel people will take them. So let me know what you all think please. I would love to have another goat owner near me that I can drive around with all the time and share in the fun... plus he needs a good upgrade from his '99 stang that has more problems than its worth :rolleyes:

Thanks for your time in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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