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New 06 tails.

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I got my new 06 tails in for my 05, just wondering if anyone has any pics of the instaliation? I would appriciate any help.
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Two screws located on the inboard side of the lamp..( have to open trunk to see them). Then you have to try and push or pull the lamp outwards starting at the front of the lamp by edge of rear qtr. panel. ,(do not pry with a metal tool....you WILL chip the paint) ,be careful...there is a stud that has clip on it that almost always breaks. Do not do this in cold conditions. Plastic will snap very easy when cold.Try to have it in a heated garage. If ya get it out without any damage to stud you're in good shape. If it does snap......I dont think you will have an issue. Put the lamp back in and see how it looks. Should be OK.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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