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I wanted to let all you gear heads know that we have started a new car show in arvada. Two of my closest friends
purchased Woody's Wings 'N Things off of 80th and Kipling St in Arvada. Its on the Northeast corner of the intersection. We have a decent sized lot for plenty of cars, we are also using
the animal hospital parking lot right next door for even more space. The nice part is that we would like to turn this into something kind of like the Sonic car shows. We will be holding this car show every
single sunday this summer. Our first show was on April 22 and we had a great turnout but we want even more people there. So every sunday, you can show up as early as 3pm, most will probably start
showing up around 5pm. The car show will go as late as anyone wants to stay. If you need any help finding where its at just google map arvada and find 80th and Kipling. If you get a chance to come, stop inside
Woody's and have a bite to eat to support the local businesses and two of my great friends. I have also the link to the Myspace page for Woody's too. If you get a chance to have a look send a friend request.


If you have any questions feel free to PM me or even better Email me at [email protected]

We really hope to see you there, represent some american muscle!!!
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